from human to time

The next few minutes will be an attempt at infinity.
A journey to the impossible with as goal not the destination but the thought required to realize the impossibility of ever getting there.
I am going to square the second, pay atention, here we go:

Ever since humanity discovered the concept of measurement they understood the concept of a square. A shape with a lenght equeal to its own width. So for a quare you really only need one measurement. If you know the length, you can square it. You just have to multiply it by itself.

At this very moment we are inside the second, you already were and I just entered. But by doing so I created this location. Having said that you sould probably come the the realisation that being inside of something means that that something must have a size of some sort. You can not be inside of something that does not have a size. Unless you don't have a size yourself. If you do...than the second has a size.

But how much space is there inside one second?
"Infinite." Zeno would say... Than if I want to square the second, I will have to reach infinity...
And than multiply them with eachother.
But you know?

That would only take a second.

Which brings me to you. My second.
Not because you're equal the the duration of nine billion one hudred and ninety two milion three hundred and thirty one thousend seven hundred and seventy periods of the radiation coresponding to the transistion between two hyperfine levels of the gound state of the cecium 133 atom. And not because I was here first. Because you are not the second in time, you are not the second in order. It's because you are the second to me. You are an I to yourself, and a they to the world. But trough this interaction, we are you's to eachother.

So how did I square the second? Did I reach infinity?
We did not move trough a black hole we did not split acceleration.
I just did as they always do:
I multiplied the second by itself.

And there it was.

Material: Wood, Glass Panels, 5050RGB ledstrips, Custom RGB controller, Raspberry Pi 2 B+, Headphones, Black curtains

Software: Rasbian, Pigpio

Programming Language: Python


januari 2017